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The Lovers Tarot Candle

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THE LOVERS TAROT CANDLE Red Tea, Orange, Walnut & Fig INVOKE LOVE, ALIGNMENT, MAGNETISM THE LOVERS Archetype in the Tarot The Lovers embody the love we cultivate for self and others. Lovers energy reminds us of the nature of our souls path-LOVE. When we align with love within ourselves we align with others who are on the same divine path. Lovers energy encourages us to stay true to ourselves in order to call in that which is truly meant for us. THE LOVERS RITUAL Light your candle and close your eyes. Imagine a beautiful golden light shining within each chamber of your heart. Allow this light to illuminate your whole body and radiate out. THE LOVERS MANTRA Only love is real. Love is all around me.

The Lovers Tarot Candle
The Lovers Tarot Candle

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