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Sacred Tide is a coastal lifestyle brand based out of Stinson Beach, California born in 2017. Created by designer, textile artist, and quilter Kelsea Kirsch, Sacred Tide offers artwear jackets, hand-dyed beachwear, gifts, jewelry, fragrance, ritual skincare, curated vintage, secondhand clothing collections and more. 

As a woman-owned business, our passion is creating a serene space that is infused with intentionality, purpose, and connection. We’re driven to reflect the magic, mysticism and healing energy of nature in our store. Whether you visit us at our storefront or online, we strive to cultivate an experience that feels easeful and organic. 

We are especially mindful about our curation process and hand-select each and every product we offer personally. Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind artwear jacket, a thoughtful gift for a loved one, or simply a unique shopping experience, we hope that you will find something that feels sacred and connective for you. 

We’re especially passionate about the well-being of our planet at Sacred Tide. We continuously aim to be an eco-conscious brand and focus on sustainability, not only with our own products that we create, but in our collaborations with other brands as well. With denim as the number one pollutant in the fashion industry, Sacred Tide takes pride in our commitment to up-cycled denim as much as possible with our quilted jacket collections as well as our curated secondhand collection. We do our best to partner with other eco-conscious companies in order to do our part to help and honor our planet as best we can. 


About Kelsea

Kelsea Kirsch, a Stinson Beach native, is the owner, designer, textile artist and quilter behind Sacred Tide. Specializing in denim artwear jackets, Kelsea quilts fabrics and hand appliqués them onto denim in small batches. Her unique aesthetic merges sculptural trapunto quilting techniques – bringing one-dimensional fabric to life with 3D depth and volume – with iconic imagery. 

“I learned everything I know about sewing and design from my mother. She taught me how to honor the quilting process with close attention to detail and finishing.” –Kelsea, owner and designer, Sacred Tide

Kelsea has been repurposing her own clothing since she was a little girl. Growing up in Stinson Beach, she has always been inspired by the ocean and coastal culture.

Denim Artwear Jackets

Sacred Tide is known for the one-of-a-kind denim artwear jackets created by Kelsea herself in Stinson Beach, California. Kelsea’s quilting technique and hand-appliquéd approach to the artwear jackets give each one their own individual personality – and the possibilities are endless. 

“I love the process of sourcing the perfect jacket for each quilted fabric piece —My jackets always look unique and bespoke. No two Sacred Tide jackets are exactly the same. Each jacket has its own story and character—just like my customer. I love watching a jacket find its 'person'.” – Kelsea, owner and designer, Sacred Tide


Tarot Card Jacket Collection:

Kelsea works with fabrics that depict the timeless artwork of Pamela Coleman Smith’s Tarot Card imagery to create a connective experience to the mystical nature and symbolism of the cards. Kelsea’s Tarot Jacket Collection was inspired by her own spiritual practice and has been brewing for years, “I’ve worked with Tarot cards since I was 13. I love quilting Tarot fabric because it feels like the esoteric symbols and magic truly come to life.” Each Tarot card jacket has its own significance and is meant to invoke a specific intention by the wearer. If you have any questions about selecting the right tarot card for your jacket, contact us here about our consultation process. 

Edo/Hokusai Jacket Collection:

Kelsea’s Edo/Japanesque collection is inspired by her stay at Sogenji, a Buddhist monastery in Japan, “I love the powerful landscapes and celebration of nature in Hokusai’s artwork.” -- Kelsea.


While these two jacket collections may seem worlds away from each other, they both hold a deeper meaning as they invite the viewer to relish in the energy of nature and our spiritual connection to the elements within the natural world. 

Did you know you can send us your own denim jacket to have quilted? We love up-cycling and offer a discount to customers who send in their own denim. Learn more here



Sacred Tide is honored to have collaborated with various artists, healers, brands and companies over the years. Here’s a snapshot of who we’ve worked with and been recognized by:

Mama Medicine-  Kelsea helped  design original sweatshirts and tote bags for Deborah Henekamp’s element retreat in Northern Italy.  She also designed a custom denim artwear jacket for  Deborah herself featuring her slogan “Be Your Own Healer” 


“I can really feel Kelsea’s specific energy in the jacket she made for me. It makes me feel like good things are happening and everything is gonna be ok. It’s like a protective jacket.” - Deborah Hanekamp, Mama Medicine

Plantiful Soul - Sacred Tide is collaborating with Plantiful Soul on Inner Glow: a ceremonial spa day retreat for women. Together, Sacred Tide and Plantiful Soul have created this retreat "as a sanctuary of rebirth and renewal. An invitation to soften, slow down and deeply reconnect with your body temple through sacred ritual and self care. This is a healing sanctuary for you to soften into your feminine essence and allow yourself to rest, receive, restore, recharge and fill up your inner cup so that you can show up for life from your internal source of overflow." The sacred rituals of this offering will include: flower bathing, cold plunge ice baths, wildcrafted natural facials, cacao heart opening ceremony, sound healing meditation, womb massage, power reclamation breath work, soul reflection journaling, dream weaving collective prayers, hip opening emotional release yin yoga flow, smudge cleansing, and locally sourced deeply nourishing coconut curry soup for dinner.

Inner Glow is for any woman who is desiring to connect more deeply to her body temple and restore her inner radiance through the sacred art of self care in a safe sanctuary of sisterhood and unconditional love and will be held in Stinson Beach, California, on May 20th, 2023 from 11am - 7pm.

Serena & Lily - Serena and Lily is an interior design brand known for its upscale, coastal Californian aesthetic and they’ve shown a deep appreciation for Sacred Tide’s unique vision of upcycling denim artwear. Sacred Tide has been featured as a local artist at Serena and Lily’s annual Holiday Markets at their San Francisco location since 2019.

Spirit House Collective + Modern Witches Confluence - Sacred Tide has been featured at both Spirit House Collective and Modern Witches Confluence events within the Magical Marketplace to showcase our Tarot Jacket Collection. At each event, Sacred Tide was thrilled to provide Tarot Card consulting to guide guests both on the simplicities and complexities that comes with deciding what energy to invoke with your Tarot jacket – sometimes it’s a simples as feeling drawn to certain colors in the artwork, sometimes a deeper connection to the meaning of the card, and other times and inexplicable energy to select a specific card. We absolutely love exploring the possibilities with you!

Bolinas Museum - Sacred Tide is proud to have been a part of a local community establishment, The Bolinas Museum, at their Bazaar. The Bolinas Bazaar is a collection of contemporary artists, makers, and craftspeople, each presenting wares and objects inspired by Coastal Northern California! Curated by The Native Daughter.


Vital Mystic - Sacred Tide was honored to be invited to collaborate on a Tarot Card booth at West Coast Craft in San Francisco, California in 2021. Camille Craft of Vital Mystic is an astrologer, Tarot Reader and mystic teacher who’s mission is multidimensional wellness and healing.


Seldom Seen - Hayes Valley, San Francisco. Prior to its closing, Sacred Tide was given the opportunity to hold a pop-up experience at the shop, focusing heavily on our Denim Artwear Collection.

Oprah Winfrey’s Thanksgiving Table! - The queen of Montecito (and the cozy, coastal Californian vibe) herself, Oprah Winfrey, decorated her 2022 Thanksgiving table  with our very own Seadrift candles for friends and family to enjoy. 

Keep It Simple Honolulu - Sacred Tide’s hand-dyed crop tops were featured and sold at Keep It Simple Honolulu, a sustainable refill shop focused on zero-waste with two locations on Oahu.




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