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Frother for Perfect Latte Prep

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This nifty re-chargable milk frother is hands down our favorite way to prep Clevr! Why? Let us count the ways:  * No clean up—just rinse under running water after use. * Amazing texture—makes a smooth, creamy latte + perfect microfoam, every time. * Mixes fast—zero to latte in 10 seconds.  * Adventure ready—the perfect cup, wherever you are! * No batteries needed—USB re-chargable for the win! To prepare: add your Clevr latte blend and hot water to a mug. Froth for 10 seconds, or until latte is smooth. Sip and smile! Prep Tips: * Make sure your cup is big enough so the latte has room to froth without spilling over! Around 1/2 full should be perfect. * If using a smaller cup, just froth with half your water, then add the remaining water. * For extra fancy prep: we sometimes like to froth our lattes in a barista jug, then pour into a mug. Totally unnecessary, but makes you feel posh.

Frother for Perfect Latte Prep
Frother for Perfect Latte Prep

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