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Dragonberry Hibiscus SuperTea

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A hydrating cold brew of botanical teas, crisp coconut water, and sunny fruit nectars—plus probiotics and adaptogens to keep you cool, calm, and quenched. Just add water & pour over a frosty glass of ice. Welcome to your iced tea era.


Tart and bright. Jammy and juicy. This hibiscus cold brew hits all the notes.

Packed with functional botanicals for deep hydration, gut health, and natural energy.   

Tastes like sun ripened raspberry. Puckers like merlot. Feels like you’ve got the summer off. Caffeine-free.


Instant hydration from electrolyte-packed organic coconut water, lemon, and himalayan pink salt

Gut health & digestion support from science-backed probiotics and slippery elm 

Energy, stress & vitality from cordyceps

Skin hydration from tremella

No added sugar, flavorings, or fillers.

How to use:

Froth or shake 1 tbsp with 8 oz cold water. Pour over ice.

Make a glass any time you’re looking for refreshing, functional hydration.

Dragonberry Hibiscus SuperTea
Dragonberry Hibiscus SuperTea

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