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Wild Rose for Life Enthusiasm Flower Remedy

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Wild Rose is a single flower essence remedy used to help balance the will forces for life. This tincture is one of the original Bach Flower Remedies used to bring back enthusiasm and enjoyment for life after a lost sense of direction, purpose, or burnout.

If you feel:

  • numb to your surroundings

  • directionless or lost ambition for the future

  • find yourself barely making it through the daily grind

  • burnt out and exhausted

  • careless about where your life ends up

  • loss of creativity and will forces


  • reminder of the happiness and positive aspects of life

  • remembrance of past moments of bliss or accomplishment

  • inspiration for creative ideas or spontaneous adventure

  • motivation to create future goals and actively pursue them

  • gratitude and enjoyment of life

Suggested Use:

Take 4 drops at a time up to twice per day orally on the tongue or in a beverage. You may also apply topically to the wrist or add them into your bath.


For best results, take consecutively and consistently for 14 days. If taken as suggested, a 15ml Single Flower Remedy will last 14 days.


Pure Wild Rose flower essence, 10% Brandy Preservative, and Distilled Water.

15ml/ .5 fl oz

Wild Rose for Life Enthusiasm Flower Remedy
Wild Rose for Life Enthusiasm Flower Remedy

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